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Envoyes Homenetworking

h1 section bulletAre you having problems with broadband and dealing with your ISP? We can check your broadband and identify whether software/computer is at fault or if there is a potential problem with the telecom installation.

In the past our clients have found that a report from a third party engineer has made it a lot easier for them to get their ISP / BT to deal with issues with their telephone line / broadband connection.

We are able to trace and diagnose problems with wired and wireless networks making sure that wireless networks are secure. We can supply and install both wired and wireless networks.

Envoyes Healthcheck

h1 section bulletIf this is the first time you´ve turned on your computer, I know it´s exciting and you´re desperate to download movie clips and mp3´s and phone ring tones and visit E-Bay to get that singing Mackerel for Uncle Angus…But, please think of protection, Anti-virus protection. Install it, use it and keep it updated.

What you can do to keep your computer ticking over nicely is to make sure it is in a relatively dust free environment, and not close to any magnetic interference, or microwave radiation. Computers generate a lot of heat they need free flow ventilation around them to help with overheating. When a computer overheats the screen ´freezes´, strange but true! Or alternatively crashes taking all your work with it.

NOTE: save whatever you're working on every ten minutes, generally you can retype ten minutes worth of data

Envoyes Security

h1 section bulletThe firstline of defence is usually your browser,make sure that your browser settings allow easy access to sites you use regularly and block potentially harmful sites from downloading suspicious software and redirecting you to unsavoury sites.

To do this successfully you must look at your Internet Settings. These can be found by navigating to the 'Control Panel' ( Start/ Settings/ Control Panel) select 'Internet Options' from the list or icons or by opening Internet Explorer (Tools tab and scroll to last item on the drop down menu 'Internet Options')

Your computer comes 'set-up' with the 'default' settings. The programs you add to your computer may need to have the 'custom' settings. Any changes you make should be noted to easily correct any mishaps.

Envoyes Tuition Service

h1 section bulletTo keep your PC's happy and content we can supply computer tuition and support in the comfort of your own home.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's industry-leading scanner detects and removes malware like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, spyware, and more. All you have to do is launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and run a scan. It's that simple.

The software can be downloaded from this location Malwarebytes. Make sure to choose Malwarebytes Anti Malware on the left of the promotion.

Envoyes Upgrades & Repairs Service

h1 section bulletIf you find that your computer stops functioning despite taking our advice on maintenance and security issues, then the problem maybe with your hardware. Whether it be a malfunctioning modem, more memory required, or new motherboard with a "kicking" graphics card then we can source it for you and install it.

If you require printer cartridges, paper, and cdr´s / cdrw´s / dvdr´s / dvdrw´s we can also supply them at a reasonable cost.

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