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h1 section bulletA browser other than Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge is useful. Primarily due to the problems that some versions of Internet explorer have with running modern websites like this one. Also if you have problems with internet explorer you will need an alternative browser to download up dates to correct the problems

Please try to resist the temptation to download many different software companies´ versions of registry cleaners. Malware stoppers, and spam stoppers, more is not better, more is war which slows down your machine to a crawl.

Finally, a small cautionary tale about toolbars. Toolbars are often tacked onto a gadget that you really can´t live without! But, they collect information on where you browse, where you shop and sometimes lead you astray. Having multiple toolbars on your browser can take up window space and duplicate the same function many times over! (weather forecast, msn and aim sign in helpers and facebook & twitter updater´s)

Here are some links to alternate internet browsers

download mozilla firefox
Download Firefox Browser
This browser is a favourite of Envoyes, we put it onto all the machines that we manufacture and is among the ´usual suspects´ that we install when repairing a broken hard-drive.

download opera browser
Download Opera Browser
this browser has the ability to narrate a web page to you ) with the appropiate speech software installed and accessibility settings selected.It also has a ´turbo´ option (making the best use of your fast broadband connection)

download maxthon browser
Download Maxthon Browser
this browser is a very good alternative to Internet Explorer, you are able to get to windows update site through it.

download google chrome
Download Google Chrome
google chrome is a useful browser to have if you want a minimalist interface and know all of your URL's off by heart.

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